Friday, September 20, 2013

now you do.

I am forever amazed at how a sound or smell can bring back so much more than an image. I feel as though images are snapshots of a moment that are recorded because it is what is expected however a sound or smell is interpreted only by the person who senses it.
I have been a fan of Lana Del Rey for quite sometime and her songs bring me back to a time in my life where I believe no one else but me understands or ever will. The first time I heard 'video games' I was sitting in my ex boyfriends lounge room - he was in the shower listening to the radio and it came on. Hearing the song in the background brings back so many feelings because it wasn't like it was my intention to be listening to it. I was sitting on the couch, in the silence with the sun shining through the windows and all I could hear in the distance was the trickling of the water from the shower and the radio. It was such a beautiful moment in my life - I was in love and I had been through such a hard time before that but I had felt protected and safe in that house. I don't look back on that moment and feel sad (unlike other times)... I look back on that moment and am so extremely happy that it happened. That may seem stupid that it was just an everyday space of time but it meant a lot for me. I suppose that is what I mean by only you understanding the moment that you are living in. And I suppose that is something that everyone has to enjoy - we have to realize that not everything in this world can be shared.
eph xo.

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