Friday, September 27, 2013

Mesmerised by Dolly

I don't think it would be fair at all for a woman to judge Dolly Parton - she seems to just kick ass! One thing I just can't seem to get over is how absolutely beautiful she was in the 60's/70's. Massively girl crushin' on her right now!
The reason for this crush is because I watched a documentary about Dolly last week. In it they talked of all of her different songs but particularly 'Jolene' which I ADORE. I was a little disappointed to hear that the song was written after a little girl called Jolene not because that is a bad thing but because it made the song seem like it wasn't as deep as I thought (haha - always for the emotional heart strings). I think because I always felt that I was connecting/relating (and I'm sure many others too) to the feeling that is so clearly portrayed in the song - I'm not pretty enough or good enough for him but she is.
I will be dreaming of Dolly tonight - possibly even might be lucky enough to dream that I had her beauty and lived in the 60's.
eph xo.

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