Wednesday, July 3, 2013

you were only waiting for this moment to be free.

Two days ago I was extremely low. I was sad because I was realising that things were not going how I thought they would. I was overwhelmed by my ex moving on so quickly while I was still stuck at point A.
I cried and cried. Then mum came to the rescue!
My parents were going away to Phillip Island overnight and they asked me if I wanted to come. So I did. It was the best thing that could have happened to me.
We took abby (our dog) and we spent the two days walking along the beach, eating great food and we even went and saw the penguins!! Penguins are such adorable creatures. I felt like a kid again, which was brilliant because there is nothing quite like being comforted by your parents.
I did some shopping today just before we left Cowes and I stumbled upon this gorgeous florist. So I took some photos so you could see. It is called "Tropical Zone Flowers". If you are ever in Cowes, Phillip Island - check it out!
It is such a beautiful shop. Just the right amount of blooms contrasted upon the wood layout. They also sold my favourite GlassHouse candle - "Montego Bay" which is Coconut Lime - so of course I had to buy one!!
I am in day 3 of dry july and still kicking on. However the "i'm gonna stay at home and never leave" thing didn't really work out for me - I DIDN'T EVEN LAST A DAY!! Haha. 
But I have been eating well. I am also trying to give up chocolate for 21 days starting today which sounds simple enough but I am addicted like a crack addict.
I'm gonna dream sweet dreams tonight.

eph xo.

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