Sunday, June 30, 2013

the happiest days of our lives.

I am in lockdown for July. I have told my family that it is Dry July to the extreme. I'm not leaving the house except to walk my dog, feed my rabbits, go to the gym (boo) and drive my brother to his wild parties.
I am over the world (in the bad way not the OH MAH LORD I AM SO OVER THE MOON WITH EXCITEMENT THAT I'M GOING TO JUMP YOUR BONES LIKE A RABBIT) and I want to be consumed with my own mind. I want to test my abilities to create.
Within this month I aim to lose 5 kilos, perfect a graffiti stencil, draw draw draw, build a bunny house, finish a scrapbook for a friends birthday, make headpieces, listen to copious amounts of music, paint my nails once a week, bake bake bake and blog blog blog.
It's been 6 months since the break up - and i'm still talking about it - Move. The. Fuck. On. I tell myself. I hear myself saying to my friends that 'one day' i'll be skinny and 'one day' i'll stop talking about dickface however it seems like 'one day' is not coming. So i'm in forced lockdown mode. So that hopefully, I can find the root of the problem and fix it so that 'one day' will be tomorrow.
(Irina by Abbey McCulloch)
eph xo.

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