Friday, May 17, 2013

i hope i never.

Is it ever going to stop bothering me that they are so fucking infatuated with each other?
WHAT THE FUCK. I'm so so so over it. Lyk sahhhh totes ovah it.
But seriously, WHATDAFUCK. It is just bothering me that he can be so fackin' nice to her and was such a complete wanker to me. This leaves me with a complete lack of confidence in ever doing anything nice for anyone ever again.

In other news, I better go to Europe at the end of the year or I'm going to go freakin' mental. Only problem is I have no savings whatsoever but I am 'job hunting' with little success. But I just don't see the end of the year going any other way - except - Europe. Where I will meet the coolest people and I will go to PARIS like I have always always ALWAYS wanted to. And I will meet a french man who skates and smokes all white cigarettes. And who will love me for me. And then when the trip is over I will leave and he will say 'nonono, don't leave my love, stay here and i will teach you to skate and you can smoke as many cigarettes as you want to' and I will say 'i am so so sorry but I have to leave, perhaps one day in the future we will cross paths when the time is right'. And then I will get on the plane and cry a little and then realise that I just KICKED ASS and am the epitome of a free spirited soul and it will make me forever content.

And in MORE other news (totally not right english but lets face it, i'm talking to myself and i like it when I talk dirty)... I am forever in love with Elaine Benes and I have been ever since I watched Seinfield with my dad when I was like 5 years old. So to cheer me and you up... HERE ARE SOME PHOTOS OF THE COOLEST FEMALE TV PERSONALITY (she is pretty much my role model)!

eph xo.

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