Wednesday, April 17, 2013

those shoes.

ah, man. rush of blood to the heart. followed with anxiety.

stalking never gets anyone anywhere.

they have made it official - must be serious.
i knew it anyway but actually seeing it.

he really loves her. 


i don't even know whether it is the fact that they are together that really bothers me. i am bothered that i am just replaced. like, i won't be the one he thinks of when he gets old - he will think of her. and i am not the one he thinks about when he is alone - he is thinking of her. i am bothered that i will always think of him.

and also scared that because he can move on and forget - that must mean all our mutual friends will just move on and replace me with her.

i want this to pass. quickly. and a lot less painfully then it is right now.

SERIOUSLY need to get fackin' hot.

i have a tea party on sunday with all my girls.

eph xo

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