Saturday, February 9, 2013

what goes around, comes around.

I did this thing tonight. I believe it is called socialising. And I'm not trying to be a dick but I really cannot be fucked with that shit.

I actually love being on the outside of these people and I love being that creep that always looks at their instagram pictures because they have lovely clothes and they smoke rolled cigarettes and are in bands etc. BUT hanging out with these people is like drilling screws into my temples. Their conversations are so contrived and it feels constantly like they are trying to tick the 'yes i'm cool' box.

Tonight has reinforced that there is beauty in the unknown. It has also taught me that forcing myself to see people to make up for not seeing a certain someone else IS NOT GOING TO HELP. So I hence give myself permission to be a total crazy bunny lady and stay at home under the covers forever. And ever. And ever.

over and out, eph xo

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