Monday, February 4, 2013

the darkest side.


The guy I love broke up with me a week ago.

Stupidly I thought we were made for each other and I have to admit I was super shocked when he dumped me. Although I am very upset and very worried that I will never fall in love again - I have been telling myself over and over again that there is no point being in a relationship when the love is only coming from one person.

Everyone is telling me that it is super important to keep myself busy. It's also a tip that I have picked up on through watching countless fall-in-love-and-get-dumped-and-become-the-best-person-you-can-be films. So I've decided to finally use this blog (which I have had for quite sometime) to post projects that I am doing to keep myself busy.

I also want to state that the cliche of saying
"it's time to concentrate on yourself" 
really is what I plan on doing. 

I had been with this guy since I finished high school. Which was now over four years ago. We broke up for a while in the middle somewhere but in all honestly I still thought of myself as his girl. He'd message me when we were broken up and as soon as he said 'wanna come over?', I'd be there within the next second. I loved him before we were together, I loved him while we were together and I loved him any other moment I had to love him. And I still love him. But I need to move on, for myself.

There is a whole story that should [be inserted here] but the truth is it is too complicated and probably not one bit interesting for you.

The POINT IS... this blog will be a running commentary on my journey to be the person I have always dreamed of. I hope you enjoy the ride.

eph xx.

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